Words from colleagues and clients

"Andrea is very passionate about Sustainable Medicine. She keeps abreast of research and shares new information with her patients. During the two years I was her patient I learned so much about improving and maintaining my health in an aging body."

-V.L., Santa Barbara

“Dr. Andrea has the unique ability to at once, put me totally at ease and inspire my awe. And, well, just in general inspire me. Her energy fills the space she occupies with a palpable sense of positive nurturing care. Her vast multi-disciplined knowledge base makes me feel secure and with her open-minded nature, I never feel judged. A truly wonderful experience.”


“Andrea provided valuable research information related to epilepsy, migraines, medication/nutrition and Ayurvedic practices that support stress reduction.”

-E.H. special education specialist, SB

“Dr. Andrea is probably one of the brightest women I have ever met. I started seeing her for nagging Achilles. What she taught me is how to recognize the root of any physical issue and then talks me through how to mentally and physically solve for that condition. Omg did I mentally battle myself but when I surrendered I got it finally. The cure to everything starts with getting to the root cause. The new thought process will change your life 🙂 !”

-Erica S., Financial Advisor, Santa Barbara

“Andrea has the great gift of being able to see into both worlds, the science of the West and the Wisdom of the East. This rare combination of gifts enables her to be an important agent of transformation and a great promoter of health and well-being. She is an excellent example of a truly holistic physician.”

-Paul Dugliss, M.D. of New World Ayurveda

“I had osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) today Life changing!!! OMG! Its sort of like gentle chiropractic body work, and I would highly recommend Dr. Andrea Seiffertt 🙂 In just 45 minutes I felt taller and leaner as if I had been doing pilates for months!”

-Elyse W., Personal Trainer, Santa Barbara

“Dr. Andrea, you seem very sane to me about things, and you have a great sense of humor about life- I really appreciate your advice”

-C.M., TX

“My son had been making some changes in his life; exercise, eating habits, and I was nervous about some of them.  I actually gave him a gift certificate for a consultation with Dr. Andrea and he was very grateful for the opportunity to meet with her.  She shared some valuable information with him that supported him in making these changes slowly, a bit a time. He feels much better after implementing some of her advice and, not so surprising, so do I. Thank Dr. A, for being a gift to my son and for keeping me on the Mother of the Year list with him.”

-J.A., Santa Barbara