I teach two types of Meditation depending on your interest. The cost for both types is donation-only, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

  • I teach introduction to Recollective Awareness meditation, from the meditation teacher Jason Siff with the Skillful Meditation Project. The first class requires 60-90 minutes, based on your level of meditation experience, regular journaling regarding your practices on your own, and ongoing sessions with me to further your understanding. Donations go to the Skillful Meditation Project.
  • I also teach a more directed sound-based technique, which requires 3 hours of your time over a week, I’ve taken to calling Surfing Consciousness. It requires three days, the first two in a row, then one a week later.
    • For those under age 16, I offer simple meditation and breathing techniques that can be taught in one hour, also free of charge.
    • This type is not associated with profit, tradition, religion, or guru.

Other traditional meditation types I can point you to include Mindfulness-Based Stress Management, Vipassana Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Binaural Beat music meditation, and various other Buddhist and Christian traditions.

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