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November 4, 2012 by Dr. Andrea Seiffertt

P.S. On being tired, irregular sleep and health, and the cortisol/adrenaline emergency response when were up past 10 pm: The internet is not an emergency- go to bed! me to a patient, and to a friend, and to myself

P.P.S. With the election and such coming up VOTE! first of all- people have died for our right to participate, so please honor them and do! but for more in-depth understanding of issues and different perspectives, you may want to try other publications for information and points of view. I’ve been reading the Sun lately when I have a free moment this interview with Rabbi Michael Lerner is fantastic, and a beautifully stated perspective on sustainable politics and using the power of love and humanity to really get to the root of conflict and misunderstanding The October issue has a great interview with Joel Salatin, and whether you agree with these perspectives or not, neither of these men are gaining power or wealth from expressing their thoughts on these subjects, and both have been criticized and marginalized in mainstream media and by the government for what they believe about these huge issues that affect the entire world so I encourage everyone to educate themselves on the issues that matter and take seriously these decisions that could change the world dramatically and then, VOTE!

P.P.P.S. With much gratitude to my beautiful friend on our hike yesterday for the reminder to myself: Remind yourself, as many times as necessary> There is nothing wrong with you! You are an amazing, beautiful, precious human. You are an infinite source of love and joy at your core, no matter what you perceive there is covering it up. There is only one of you in the universe! Celebrate your uniqueness and fill yourself up with love so that it spills out onto everyone else too. Be the way you want the whole world to be. Everything changes when we do.

Happy November.