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February 22, 2013 by Dr. Andrea Seiffertt

Sustainable Health Nutshell: (I tell all my patients the following- thought it was a good time to reiterate!)
My job as a doctor is to help you contact the part of yourself that knows what is best for you and will allow you to most efficiently bring yourself back to balance and truly heal. I cannot fix anything and could never (and would never) do your work for you. If it were even possible, that would be cheating, and disrespectful to your own process. I can, however, help you contact that part of you that naturally pulls you towards health, I can educate about physical, mental, and energetic things that may help you become more aware of how your body works, I can translate your body’s messages, and I can encourage tissues to live in a place of more ease and efficiency with OMT and I can hold space and encourage you to do the right things for yourself. But only you can truly heal yourself, or rather, remember that you are whole and allow parts of you that have forgotten that fact to reintegrate.

This may be a bit esoteric, but after spending 4 days immersed in what I can only describe as medical meditation, I thought it was a good idea to put it out there since the concepts are central to what I’ve been doing all along anyway. (yay, synchronicity! love when that happens) The class I took was phase 2 of Osteopathic Biodynamics. The system teaches how to contact and engage the patients’ indwelling therapeutic force and promote healing. After learning and using Osteopathic manipulative skills for years, it’s fascinating that I’ve seen more healing happen with this version of A.T. Stills teachings than the standard methods developed and taught since his passing.

When I teach meditation (see my little manifesto here), I teach a technique to help students connect more easily to the part of themselves that is peaceful- really, that is pure consciousness, or love, or their soul that is a part of God, or whatever you like to think of it as (semantics and religion don’t really matter- the technique works whether or not you believe in anything or even the technique!).┬áThe funny thing is, what I learned this week was how to apply that exact principle to treating patients. The same core part of each of us that is peaceful, calm, and full of love, that is unfettered by the messiness we call daily life, is what my teacher, Dr. Jim Jealous, calls the Health. And the same thing I’ve been calling the unified field or pure consciousness is what he terms the Tide. Now, if I hadn’t been meditating and teaching it and attempting to get my patients to do the same, this whole class might have sounded not a little insane to me. But as it stands, I’m definitely interested in learning more, and can’t wait to use the skills I’m learning to help my patients and improve my Osteopathic technique.

So, it seems there is a practical medical application for meditation, and I am so glad I was led to it. Learning how to contact that indwelling therapeutic healing force that we all have to bring all the layers of ourselves back into the wholeness that we’ve forgotten we are. Who wants a treatment?