Creating Sustainable Health and healing ourselves and the planet at the same time.

“Without proper diet medicines are ineffective; with proper diet medicines are not necessary.” -ancient ayurvedic tenet

Ways to continue living within the web of our human community and our planetary ecology that heals prior damage, while ensuring our most fulfilling individual lives and the lives of our children and this planet centuries from now.

Detailed view of Earth from space, showing North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Dr. Andrea is a Board Certified Osteopathic Internal Medicine Physician specializing in Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. Her book (to be published Fall 2017) discusses Sustainable Medicine and how to integrate healthy lifestyle practices into daily life as well as how to teach these practical skills in mainstream medical practice. The global issues we face regarding Health Care, Social Justice, Environmental Justice, and Economic Justice are all intertwined and need to be examined and tackled together if our biggest global problems are to be solved. Practicing Sustainable Medicine is an excellent step towards these goals for anyone participating in the field of Health Care as a caregiver or patient. Dr. Andrea is available for writing, speaking, and teaching engagements.

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“I had osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) today Life changing!!! OMG! Its sort of like gentle chiropractic body work, and I would highly recommend Dr. Andrea Seiffertt 🙂 In just 45 minutes I felt taller and leaner, as if I had been doing pilates for months!”

-Elyse W., Personal Trainer, Santa Barbara